Longitude / Latitude = 12.585853N 61.396537W

CQ Zone = 08    -    IOTA NA-0025

ITU Zone 11    -    Loc FK92HO

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

July 23rd  -  August 1st 2021

Following last years disappointment due to some weird virus I've booked yet again for another trip to paradise.. On  this occasion I hope to work SSB & FT8 and, if anyone requests it in advance, I'm willing to give it a go on CW.

I will be staying in the same villa as the past 7 years which gives me plenty of scope to try out new antennas... although the 10m Vertical with radials right next to the sea seems to have worked out very well getting signals across the globe. The island generates it's own 'Dirty' 110 Volts power which has caused problems in the past - During my last visit I went armed with a large ferrite which I wrapped around the  mains lead which worked wonders.

QSL's Direct Only:

Send one IRC - £2, €2 - US$3.00 or Payment via PayPal (Gift)

To get to Palm Island I have to fly to Barbados, take a 55-minute flight to Union Island, then a 10-minute motorboat to reach this private 135 acre hideaway.  It is situated near the southern tip of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. With coral reefs on three sides, crystal clear waters and five stunning beaches. Palm island is small enough to walk around, yet large enough to find a deserted cove to hang up an antenna, relax  and work the world. 

J88PI QSL 2021.png