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QRM Eliminator X-Phase


Troubled by local noise / QRM from neighbours on the HF bands?

Maybe the X-Phase QRM Eliminator is worth a try..

Several manufacturers including MFJ and WIMO have come up with similar devices which may set you back around £150.

Before you buy one check out the various reviews and YouTube Videos which demonstrate how effective they can be for certain noise groups.

Here's one from Zik - YT1HA -


eHam has some good reviews worth reading.. See Here


If you are practically minded you can buy your own DIY Kit and make one yourself.

No hard sell here, just sound advice from someone who found the answer to his local noise problems.

Comes with a small sense telescopic antenna, power lead, PTT end, instruction manual, and adaptors.

Although most modern rigs have a dedicated PTT (RCA - phono) socket on the back, depending on the transceiver you are connecting to you may require a bespoke PTT lead.  For rigs without a dedicated PTT socket on the back,  these are available for around £15 from eBay.

The units that I sell are UK stock - so no long delivery delays or extra customs to pay!


If you are interested in buying one please contact me via my QSL Info page

£60 Incl P&P (normally posted same day)

Payment is via Paypal (Family & Friends only to or Bank Transfer - I will provide my Bank details by request.

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