Longitude / Latitude = 51.532427N 3.444927W

QRA Locator = IO81GM

ITU Zone 27 - WAB Square: SS98

I am originally from Gravesend, Kent (UK) – I am now retired and live with my wife in a small village called Llanharan which is an old mining community, near Llantrisant – South Wales - UK.

I originally obtained my interest in radio from my Dad who was a wireless (CW) operator in WWII flying in Lancaster Bombers.

I was a Short Wave Listener (SWL) for many years smuggling a de-tuned MW Transistor Radio into school to listen to local skeds on 160 meters which included G5VZ – Bill5, G4XF - Bill4, G3GAX – Mac, G3EGJ – Reg, G3YUP – Norman, G3OXH – Keith etc. – not to mention the ‘Pirates’ nattering away just above 2 MHz at the weekend !!!

I took the City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Examination in 1974 and passed the PO Morse test soon after – Morse tuition was provided by Dave Lawley – G4BUO and Reg Holland – G3BPE (SK)

I received my ‘Class A’  licence G4DVB on the 7th February 1975

I was member of Gravesend Amateur Radio Society which used to meet in a smoky back room of the Windmill Pub – Gravesend – G3HLF (SK), G2TN (SK) , G8GGP / M0AFJ, G3OXH (SK), G4BUO, G4CHL, G4DSN (SK) , G3ZQF, G3YUP, G4ALD, G4BCH, G4FJW.. to name a few.

I am a member of Aberkenfig Radio Club which meets every Thursday evening at the Aberkenfig Social Club Bridgend Rd, Aberkenfig.

My station currently comprises the Apache Labs Anan 8000DLE SDR Transceiver, KPA500 Linear Amplifier feeding either a Ciro Baby Loop mounted 2.5 m off the ground or a 142 ft wire matched via a 4:1 UnUn

I use a Yaesu FT-991A on 2 m and 70 cms - I also use it combined with a 10 metre (fishing rod) Vertical antenna with radials for the occasional DXpedition.

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