Longitude / Latitude = 51.532427N 3.444927W

QRA Locator = IO81GM

ITU Zone 27 - WAB Square: SS98

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) was first founded in 1913 as the London Wireless Club. It is the United Kingdom's recognised national society for amateur radio operators. The society's patron is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and it represent the interests of the UK's 40,000 licensed radio amateurs. A long recognised amateur radio organisation, the society is the national member society representing the United Kingdom and certain dependent territories of the United Kingdom in the International Amateur Radio Union. It also acts as a medium for communication between the licensed operators and the UK government.


G-Whip manufacture a complete range of amateur radio antennas for fixed station or portable operations, HF/6m all are catered for.  The antennas are all manufactured to the highest specification by Andrew Rushton , G0UZK.  They are some of the best antennas on the market.

DxCoffee Expressly for DXers was founded in December 2009. Their web site is maintained to update the international ham community about projects and news concerning their main passion, DXing, which should transcend all language barriers.

Wellbrook Communications are the only UK company that supplies a complete range of Long wave loops, Medium wave (AM) loops and Shortwave (HF) receiving loop antennas for radio amateurs and listener hobbyists.